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About Licensing

One of the Research Analytics' primary functions is to administer the distribution, installation and licensing of statistical and mathematical software for the IU System. In general, software programs are made available to faculty, staff, and students for their use while they are affiliated with the University. Affiliated, for faculty and staff, means that they are employed by and based at one of the campuses within the IU System. For students, it means they are registered in at least one class within the IU System. Licensing for most of the software is on an annual lease basis. We DO NOT lease or sell software to people who do not meet the above criteria.

Each vendor has their own terms and we have adapted those terms to meet the needs of our clients. What follows applies to all but a very few of the software programs we have available for lease.

If you are interested in acquiring software from Research Analytics, you should begin by determining what package you wish to lease. If you are uncertain, you can contact us ( and we will make suggestions as to which package will best meet your needs. Once you have determined what software program you need, contact We will arrange an appointment with you for a time and place to install the program.

Payment and the Period of the Lease

The lease period for all software (with the exception of Enterprise License Agreement CDs or codes and AutoDESK packages) are based on the fiscal year – July1 through June 30th. The initial fee for the program is made upon installation of the software. The renewal fee is due each July 1. All fees are payable using a departmental account, cash, or a check made out to Indiana University. We do not prorate the software lease payment.

However, if the installation and initial fee payment is made between March 1st and June 30th, the renewal fee is not due until July 1 the next year. The following examples should clarify this policy.

Assume you have contacted Research Analytics and arranged for software to be installed on July 15, 2007. The initial fee for the program is paid and the software is installed. The renewal fee would not be due until July 1, 2008. If the installation and initial fee was made on February 3, 2007, the renewal fee would be due July 1, 2007.

What is Included in a License

A software license gives you the following:

  • Installation by Research Analytics technicians (details).
  • The right to run the software on the licensed machine.
  • Access to technical support via the Research Analytics.
  • The opportunity to renew your license (if applicable).
  • Upgrades released by the vendor during the lease will be applied at the time of renewal.

A software license does not give you the following:

  • Printed manuals (online help is typically included, and manuals are available for reference at many locations).
  • Copy of the installation media (large or remote installations may request a copy, and the Research Analytics will re-install after a crash).
  • Direct access to the vendor's technical support (that's what we do).
  • The right to transfer or sell your license.

License Information for Specific Packages

Statistical Minitab RATS SAS SPSS S-Plus
Mathematical Geometer's SketchPad Maple Mathematica Matlab
Other Software AutoCAD NVivo SigmaPlot Scientific WorkPlace

Note: Stata, Statistica, and GAUSS are available as special order items. Contact Research Analytics for details.