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Big Red II: Working at the speed of innovation 

Big Red II will help researchers accelerate breakthroughs in fields that are changing the way Hoosiers live, work, learn, and grow. The Cray XE6/XK7 supercomputer is capable of one thousand trillion floating-point operations per second, or one petaFLOPS, making it the fastest university-owned supercomputer in the world. Offering unmatched speed, the new system restores IU as a leader in the use of high-speed and data-intensive computation for some of the world's most vital and complex research.

Big Red II combines the longstanding leadership of Cray supercomputers with IU-developed technology. It also represents a substantial capability leap forward over its predecessor, Big Red, and boasts several next-generation features:

  • More than 21,000 processor cores and high-performance GPUs
  • Cray Gemini Interconnect
  • NVIDIA GPU accelerators
  • AMD processors with 16 cores each

Big Red II: Technical specs