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IU raises bar in supercomputing power with dedication of Big Red II  Read more

Big Red II

Indiana University recently unveiled Big Red II, a powerful new Cray supercomputer with a processing speed of one thousand trillion floating-point operations per second (one petaflops). Big Red II replaces the original Big Red, installed in 2006. The new supercomputer, which is 25 times faster than its predecessor, will enable vital new research to be done and breakthroughs in fields ranging from medicine and physics to fine arts and global climate research.

Big Red II is a community resource for Indiana University, but plays an important role in the national cyberinfrastructure ecosystem including XSEDE. Because Big Red II is the same basic architecture as Blue Waters and Titan (and similar to Kraken), this system meets modest needs locally so that the national resources can be put to most efficient use on big data and big compute projects. Also, this system allows IU scientists to prepare code to migrate to XSEDE resources such as Kraken, Blue Waters, or Titan. In this way, Big Red II plays an important national role while being a local resource.

Quick facts:

  • Cray XE6/XK7 supercomputer
  • Uses IU's disk storage system from Data Direct Networks
  • Housed in IU's state-of-the-art Data Center on the Bloomington campus
  • Allows critical new research in:
    • Medicine
    • Engineering
    • Life sciences
    • Physical sciences
    • Social sciences
    • Climate research
    • Humanities

Big Red II: Technical specs 

Watch the Big Red II Installation Video

Watch the Video Timeline from the Big Red II Dedication