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Collaboration and Engagement Support Group

The mission of the Collaboration and Engagement Support Group (CESG) is to help Indiana University, PTI, and Research Technologies translate innovation into meaningful improvements in the quality of life for residents of the state of Indiana and the US (and world) as a whole.

CESG is responsible for:

  • Assisting RT, PTI, and OVPIT staff and their collaborators with grant proposal preparation and submission
  • Providing post-award grant support to RT, OVPIT, and collaborators
  • Management of and reporting about RT and PTI economic development activities
  • Maintaining an ongoing program of education, outreach, and training activities, including management of major events
  • Facilitating collaboration between IU researchers, scholars, artists, clinicians, and engineers and RT and OVPIT
  • Maintaining the core brand identity of RT and PTI, and “root level” web presence for both organizations
  • Leading major efforts in disseminating information about advanced IT research, including IU's booth at the annual IEEE/ACM SCxy conference and IU Cyberinfrastructure Days
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