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UITS Research Technologies

Cyberinfrastructure enabling research and creative activities

IU’s advanced scholarly & artistic cyberinfrastructure

The Indiana University cyberinfrastructure takes advantage of Indiana University's multi-campus structure, and in particular leverages the robust research campuses in Indianapolis and Bloomington, the hardened data centers located in Informatics Communications Technology Complex (ICTC) in Indianapolis and the I-Light network. These world-class systems are available to IU faculty, research staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students without cost to the user – embodying IU’s philosophy of abundance in delivering information technology resources for use by the IU community.

The key elements of IU’s cyberinfrastructure are:

  • People. Research technologies staff support use of IU owned cyberinfrastructure resources as well as federally funded systems such as XSEDE (the eXtreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment), the Open Science Grid, and cloud services such as Penguin Computing’s “Penguin on demand” service hosted at Indiana University.
  • Software. IU develops, tunes, licenses, and supports software that enables the IU community to make use of the myriad computing, storage, data, and visualization resources available.
  • Computing. With Big Red II, IU becomes the first university in the world to have a 1 petaflop supercomputer that it owns and operates strictly as a university resource.
  • Storage and data. IU’s Data Capacitor II and Scientific Data Archive store petabytes of data on disk and tape where it can be accessed rapidly and stored securely. These systems enable IU to be at the forefront of tackling “Big Data” challenges, and
  • Visualization systems. From providing room-scale, immersive 3-D visualization environments, to supporting the IU Cinema, to delivering and supporting advanced visualization environment, RT’s advanced visualization facilities, services, and support advance the work of artists, performers, scholars, engineers, and scientists 

Indiana University's Science DMZ - Supporting research at Indiana University

IU's Computation Systems information, including Big Red II

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Cyberinfrastructure facilities information and other information from UITS and the Pervasive Technology Institute to help prepare grant proposals and data management plans (KB)