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Research Technologies (RT) Chargeback Services Policy

Please note that changes for the rates and chargeback policies are currently being reviewed and updated. Please check back frequently to make sure that you have the latest information.

Whenever a Research Technologies (RT) subunit is engaged in work for which a customer is charged ('chargeback work'), the following policies and guidelines should be followed. Additional factors may come into play depending upon the nature of the work being done and the Research Technologies subunit involved.

1. Definition - Research Technologies (RT) and the IU Pervasive Technology Institute are available to do chargeback work on behalf of a customer from within the IU community. This work is routinely done to supplement the human resources available to a particular group at IU when RT and IUPTI consulting services are not sufficient to meet the needs of an academic or administrative unit. The differences between consulting and chargeback work for hire are as follows:

  1. Consulting is when we offer a member of the IU community advice about how she or he should do something, and/or work with a member of the IU community on a project.
  2. Chargeback work is when an organizational unit of IU becomes as a paying customer and pays RT/IUPTI to do work.
  3. Consulting if offered at no charge direct to the client and paid for by IU general funds, but limited in duration (typically up to one person-month of effort per year on a particular project). 
  4. Chargeback work is limited only by availability of staff with relevant skills to do the work, and is paid for on a basis that allows OVPIT to recover the cost of doing the work.
  5. RT/IUPTI partners with national organizations such as the NSF-funded XSEDE project that provide both consulting and support. For XSEDE for example, this consulting and support is provided at no cost but is awarded via an allocation model.  This support is typically 25% of a Full Time Employee (FTE)’s time for 1-12 months to support integration and usage of XSEDE resources such as IU’s Jetstream and as well as non-IU resources.  Consultation work exceeding these limits (>25% FTE and support for non-XSEDE resources) is subject to chargeback rules.

2. Purpose - Chargeback work is done as a service to departments to extend their capabilities particularly in circumstances when a subunit of IU has external funding available for a particular function but does not have the personnel to perform that function. RT services done on chargeback include:

  • Programming of applications, including clinical and translational medicine research projects and custom programming of parallel applications
  • Building scientific gateways – web portals to scientific computing applications
  • Management of Linux clusters
  • Installation and management of research software
  • IT-28 alignment activities for Linux-baswed workstations
  • Development of secure applications for protected health information

Another subunit of UITS – HelpNET – also offers chargeback services. RT and IUPTI do not duplicate their services. Services offered by HelpNET include:

  • Client support, desktop system management, and management of virtual machines in the Intelligent Infrastructure systems of UITS
  • Departmental inventory
  • IT-28 alignment in general
  • Security monitoring, including real time automated log analysis
  • Development of secure applications for critical data other than protected health information

3. Customers - RT and IUPTI offer chargeback services to any subunit of Indiana University, and through a special  memorandum of understanding to the Regenstreif Institute

4. Rates - Costs are $79/hour.  

Updated 11/10/2015