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UITS Research Technologies

Cyberinfrastructure enabling research and creative activities

Research Technologies units

  • Systems
    • Campus Bridging and Research Infrastructure - creates the appearance of ‘virtual proximity’ – so that any computing resources you use, local or national, feel as if they are just peripherals attached to your laptop computer
    • High Performance File Systems - provides high-speed, disk-based storage of data for IU researchers
    • High Performance Systems - implements, operates, and supports some of the fastest supercomputers in the world as well as supporting databases and database engines used by the IU Community
    • Research Storage - manages and supports the Scholarly Data Archive (SDA) and the Research File System (RFS)
    • Scientific Application and Performance Tuning - delivers, supports, and develops software tools that enable members of the IU community to use IU’s advanced cyberinfrastructure as effectively and efficiently as possible
  • Visualization and Analytics
    • Advanced Visualization Lab - collaborates with University faculty, staff, and students to deliver more engaging and impactful application of advanced visualization technologies in research, education, creative activity, and community outreach
    • Research Analytics - promotes the innovative, scalable, and sustainable use of analytics tools and methods to advance the research, education, and external engagement missions of Indiana University. 
    • Science Gateways Group - creates and supports new tools for Web-based scientific research on distributed cyberinfrastructure resources that are intuitive to use
  • Science Community Tools
    • Advanced Biomedical IT Core - supports biomedical and health-related researchers throughout Indiana University – particularly researchers doing basic biomedical research, translational research, and clinical research
    • High Throughput Computing - supports use of high throughput computing by the IU and national research communities
    • National Center for Genome Analysis Support - enables the biological research community of the US to analyze, understand, and make use of the vast amount of genomic information now available.
  • Collaboration and Engagement Support - translates innovation into meaningful improvements in the quality of life for residents of the state of Indiana and the US (and world) as a whole.