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Cyberinfrastructure enabling research and creative activities

ABITC Advantages

The ABITC represents a group of professional IT staff within IU's Research Technologies (RT) division with many years of experience helping researchers with their supercomputing, massive data storage, and visualization needs. While some or all of these services may be available at a lab or departmental level, the ABITC offers several distinct advantages:

  • ABITC systems are hosted in professionally maintained, air-conditioned, physically secure data centers, with 24/7 operational support and problem escalation. 

  • ABITC solutions are robust and scalable, and are developed in a rigorous environment that will ensure continued functionality as your data grow, standards evolve, and usage models change. 

  • ABITC can store and archive massive data sets that cannot be managed reliably in a laboratory. As storage media ages and evolves, ABITC is committed to ensuring seamless access to your data while continually evaluating and embracing new storage technologies (meaning that data will be migrated continuously, automatically, and without any action on your part while innovation occurs). Such high reliability ensures data protection now and into the future. 

  • ABITC supercomputing systems can handle computationally and data intensive analyses, likely far beyond the reach of lab or departmental computers. 

  • Visualization labs at IUPUI permit novel data exploration and dissemination using techniques such as virtual reality, 3D imaging, and others that employ the highest-end hardware available today. 

  • RT is a national leader in grid computing and national supercomputing alliances such as XSEDE and OSG.