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 IU Trident Indiana University

UITS Research Technologies

Cyberinfrastructure enabling research and creative activities


Core Staff:

  • Therese Miller, Interim Director, Science Community Tools
  • Richard Meraz, Manager, Advanced Biomedical IT Core
  • Andy Arenson
  • Jim Mullen
  • Radha Surya
  • Abhijeet Malatpure
  • Helen Yezerets
  • James Dudley
  • Ryan Long

Supporting Research Technologies Staff:

  • Eric Wernert, Director, Visualization and Analytics
  • Rich Knepper, Manager, Campus Bridging and Research Infrastructure
  • Mike Boyles, Manager, Advanced Visualization Lab
  • Chris Garrison, Research Storage
  • Dave Hancock, Manager, High Performance Systems
  • Robert Henschel, Manager, Scientific Applications and Performance Tuning
  • Huian Li, Scientific Applications and Performance Tuning
  • Nancy Long, High Performance Systems
  • Jeff Rogers, Advanced Visualization Lab
  • Joe Rinkovski, High Performance Systems
  • Ray Sheppard, Sr. Technical Lead, Scientific Applications and Performance Tuning