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Biomedical Applications

Indiana CTSI (Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute) HUB 

Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI)
Funding: NCATS
Stewardship: Indiana CTSI
HTTP address:
Contact:  barnettw (at)

The mission of the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) is to increase the pace of translational research and medicine at Indiana University, Purdue University and Notre Dame University. A large portion of this effort is coordinated through the CTSI HUB ( The HUB portal is based on Purdue University’s HUBZero platform and represents a Web 2.0 approach to research collaboration, education, and program implementation across the three Universities and partners institutions.  The HUB enables researchers to request services from the distinctive service cores located at both universities and affiliated organizations.  The HUB also includes supportive systems enabling grant management, querying of available clinical trials, grant activity, and online education. These systems lessen the administrative burden of managing research activity and also help to increase the pace of translational research.

CIFASD Data Repository

Collaborative Initiative on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (CIFASD) Consortium
Funding: Data repository is funded by NIH/NIAA
Stewardship: Informatics Core for the CIFASD Consortium
Access rights: Data has not yet been made publicly available
HTTP Address:
Contact: cifasdic (at)

The CIFASD Data Repository is used to collect, maintain and distribute data generated by the member participants in the Consortium for the Collaborative Initiative on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. The data repository is the collective outcome of input and contributions from basic researchers, behavioral scientists, and clinical investigators and is developed and maintained by the Informatics Core. This Core is responsible for working with the other consortium participants to define a Data Dictionary to be used in standardizing data collection, enabling the transfer of data to and from the CIFASD Data Repository, consulting on how to establish local data management systems, providing both software tools and consulting to consortium participants, and producing status reports about the progress of the various projects within the consortium. The CIFASD data repository is hosted on Indiana University's supercomputing facilities.

National Gene Vector Biorepository (NGVB)  

Funding: NIH.
Access rights: Data is freely available for research purposes
Stewardship: NGVB Coordinating Center
HTTP address:
Contact:  lrubin (at)

The National Gene Vector Biorepository (NGVB) is a resource for academic investigators and others conducting gene therapy research.   ABITC constructs and hosts The site allows users to order reagents for gene therapy research, request archiving and testing support for gene therapy studies, and view gene therapy pharmacology/toxicology study reports.S.  The patient samples LIMS stores data about samples from post-trial monitoring studies and the reagent LIMS store information on the reagents that the NGVB make available to the research community.

Funding: Indiana CTSI/NCATS
Access Rights: Data are available following approval
Stewardship: Indiana CTSI
HTTP address:
Contact:  contactus (at) is an online volunteer registry for Indiana citizens interested in participating in research studies in Indiana. Using information provided by the volunteer, the website matches volunteers and researchers who are interested in tackling a disease of common interest to both. By concentrating on Indiana citizens, the project lowers the barrier for volunteer participation. The application also enables the researcher to determine if a sufficient number of volunteers are available and interested in participating in a particular research area.

Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap)

Funding: Indiana CTSI/NCATS
Access Rights: Data are available following approval
Stewardship:   UITS Advanced Biomedical IT Core and the IUSM Department of Biostatistics. 
HTTP address:
Contact:  hubsupport (at)

REDCap is a secure, web-based application for electronically capturing research data by creating case report forms and storing the resulting data in research databases. REDCap is also useful for building, conducting, and managing online surveys. The system is provided by the REDCap Consortium originated at Vanderbilt University. This system is deployed at Indiana University in a HIPAA-aligned manner and is provided through a partnership between the Biostatistics Department and the ABITC. Researchers are able to create and manage multiple projects while granting permissions in a granular fashion.

Community Research Utilities and Support (CORUS)

Funding: Indiana CTSI/NCATS
Stewardship: UITS Advanced Biomedical IT Core
HTTP address:
Contact: chep (at)

CORUS is an online repository for tools and resources that support community engaged research.  The CORUS platform is designed to support health researchers who engage with local communities and use resources at CORUS to support participatory research. These include: evaluation tools, educational modules, proposals for seed funding, organizational strategies and other useful items. Users of the site are encouraged to upload relevant documents, share resources with peers, and engage in discussions with other users about ways and means to increase community engaged research.