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Computational Sciences at Indiana University virtual organization

The Computational Sciences at Indiana University (CSIU) virtual organization is dedicated to expanding CPU and storage resources available to researchers at Indiana University and supporting these researchers in the effective use of them. Many researchers at IU engage in computationally intensive research. Some areas of research include molecular docking, DNA sequence assembly, electron microscopy image analysis, theoretical chemistry, drug discovery, radiology, molecular genetics and economics.

CSIU makes the resources of the Open Science Grid available to researchers on an opportunistic basis. Gateway machines maintained by the High Throughput Computing group have enabled the use of millions of CPU hours. A recent example completed 26.3 million individual computation steps using 1.8 million CPU hours.

If your computational needs consist of a large number of serial jobs the High Throughput Computing model may serve you well.

Please contact or to discuss membership in the CSIU virtual organization and access to national HTC resources.