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Clinical Enterprise Research Systems Implementation

The Advanced Biomedical IT Core is coordinating the implementation of 3 key enterprise clinical research systems for the Indiana CTSI and the Indiana University School of Medicine that will support workflows and manage clinical data that are critical to the translational research enterprise (here, "translational" means the translation from "bench research to bedside"). As these systems will manage clinical data, this project is related to the Private and Sensitive Data Management project. The current systems involved are:

  • The Indiana Biobank. This system will manage information about biospecimens in the Sample Storage Facility (SSF) and associated data, including genomic data. Project Manager is William Barnett; Executive Sponsor is Anantha Shekhar.
  • A Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS). This system will support data about, and workflows for, clinical trials that the Indiana CTSI wishes to manage. Project Manager is Bob Davis (Biostatistics); Executive Sponsor is Richard Kovacs.
  • A Research Registry system. This system is tentatively slated to provide a central warehouse of clinical records from Indiana hospitals, as well as the ability to create patient- or disease-oriented registries for prospective research. Project Lead is William Barnett. Project Manager is Ganesh Shankar. Executive Sponsor is Anantha Shekhar.