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Module Request Form 

This form is to be used for submitting requests for new modules by people who install software for public use on IU's supercomputers. 

If you have not already looked at the software installation convention for /N/soft/, please review it.

If you want to request that new software be installed on one of the supercomputers, please use this form

Fields with an asterisk are required.

* Machine
* Email:
* Software Name
* Software Version:
Group that maintains this software:

* Please provide a brief description (not more than one or two sentences) that will be printed on the screen for the user:

* Provide a detailed description, including a reference website and download links if appropriate. This could be used in the webpage listing all the applications on the machine
* Provide the list of variables that need to be exported, such as the PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH, etc. and provide full path for the variables
* Dependencies such as compilers and libraries (with version numbers) that need to be in the user's path (enter "none" if there are no dependencies)
* Other comments, constraints, architecture specific optimization, etc.
A * indicates a field is required