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Cyberinfrastructure enabling research and creative activities

Application Development Resources

  • Subversion source code repository

    Subversion, or SVN, is another version control software CBRI provides for use at IU.  Like Git, SVN has been used widely in the OSS community, including such projects as Apache Software Foundation, FreeBSD, Django, Ruby, SourceForge, PHP and MediaWiki.  For more information, see IUKB: What is Subversion, and how can I use it at IU?

  • GitHub Enterprise Version Control software

    GitHub:FI is a firewall installation of GitHub, a web-based interface for collaborating on software and documents that provides version control, issue tracking, and wiki space for hosted projects. GitHub uses Git, a distributed version control system used in the Linux kernel, the Android mobile platform, and other projects. For more information, see IUKB: At IU, what is GitHub, and do I use it?

  • Web application hosting on the Research Database Complex

    The Research Database Complex (RDC) is dedicated to research-related databases and data-intensive applications that require a database. Oracle and MySQL databases are supported, and the default database size is 15MB. The RDC also provides an environment for database-driven web applications with a research focus. This system,, runs Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. For more details on the RDC, see Research Data Complex in the Advanced Scholarly & Artistic Cyberinfrastructure section.