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Cyberinfrastructure enabling research and creative activities

Campus Bridging and Research Infrastructure

The mission of the Campus Bridging and Research Infrastructure (CBRI) group is to enable IU researchers, scholars, and artists to ‘bridge’ easily and effectively from their personal and lab computing systems to IU’s advanced research cyberinfrastructure to national cyberinfrastructure resources such as XSEDE (the eXtreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment). 

CBRI supports the national and local communities through implementation of software and delivery of training to make the integrated use of diverse cyberinfrastructure resources as easy as possible for the user. The general goal of campus bridging is to create the appearance of ‘virtual proximity’ – so that any computing resources you use, local or national, feel as if they are just peripherals attached to your laptop computer

As part of its efforts in bridging resources together, CBRI provides support for the “Penguin on Demand” service – a cloud-like supercomputer cluster available on demand to researchers at IU and beyond. This system is operated by Penguin Computing, Inc., with the system housed at IU, for costs comparable or lower than Amazon Web Services or other commercial cloud providers.

CBRI also provides a number of services for the IU community including a repository of Open Source Software (available at