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UITS Research Technologies

Cyberinfrastructure enabling research and creative activities

Services for Researchers at IU

  • EvoScan

    The EvoScan service allows researchers to upload, access, and share DICOM images produced by MRI, CT, PET, and other equipment. EvoScan serves a copy of the Open Research Scan Archive, maintained by the Human Brain Evolutionary Laboratory in IU's Anthropology, Directed by P. Thomas Schonemann.

  • Life Sciences Services 
    • REDCap: REDCap is an easy-to-use tool to create, use, and share research databases. REDCap can create relational databases from spreadsheet data and a data dictionary, and provide data for download in SAS, R, SPSS, and Stata formats. REDCap Account Requests can be made at
  • Polar Grid

    CBRI provides onsite and offsite infrastructure for researchers in the Polar Grid program, which gathers multiple terabytes per year of data about polar ice sheet movements in the North and South Poles. For more information about Research Technologies' involvement in Polar Grid at large, see Polar Grid - Cyberinfrastructure for Polar Science.