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High Performance File Systems

The mission of the High Performance File System group is to provide high-speed, disk-based storage of data for IU researchers.

The High Performance File Systems (HPFS) operates the Data Capacitor II and the Data Capacitor Wide Area Network (DC-WAN). The Data Capacitor II is a high-speed, high-capacity storage facility for very large data sets. With 5 PB of storage, Data Capacitor II will support big data applications used in computational research. IU partnered with DataDirect Networks, Inc.(DDN) to develop Data Capacitor II. For more about Data Capacitor II, see the November 8, 2012, press release. If you have questions about how the change to Data Capacitor II will affect your research, email the High Performance File Systems group.

HPFS also supports advanced scientific workflows and “big data” problems through implementation and support of DCII and DC-WAN. With DC-WAN, researchers can access remote data as if the file system were mounted locally. This allows researchers at multiple remote sites to share large amounts of data.

HPFS embodies the UITs “philosophy of abundance” – providing on-disk storage to handle an abundance of data and move it quickly within and beyond IU’s advanced cyberinfrastructure.