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High Performance Systems

The High Performance Systems (HPS) group implements, operates, and supports some of the fastest supercomputers in the world – IU’s Big Red II, the Quarry cluster, and the large memory Mason system – in order to advance Indiana University's mission in research, training, and engagement in the state. HPS also supports databases and database engines used by the IU community.

HPFS embodies the UITs “philosophy of abundance” – providing access without time consuming applications or fees to members of the IU community. Access to Big Red II, Quarry, and Mason is available upon request for faculty, research staff, and graduate students. Undergraduate students are invited to use these systems in instructional settings and for undergraduate research with a faculty sponsor.

The High Performance Systems group is right now spending most of its energy implementing the new Big Red II supercomputer, which will be available to researchers soon. For more information on Big Red II, see the Big Red II at Indiana University page.