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ARCHIVED: Quarry at Indiana University

Indiana University's Quarry research computing cluster was decommissioned January 30, 2015, after seven years of production service.

All software modules that were available on Quarry are available on Karst, IU's newest high-throughput computing cluster. For a list of packages available on Karst, see Karst Modules in the IU Cyberinfrastructure Gateway. Alternatively, you can log into your Karst account and enter the module avail command. Karst users can request software using the Software Request form.

User data on Quarry has not be removed; you can access your old home directory data on Quarry from your account on any other IU research computing resource (see Accessing one home directory from another). The path to your home directory on Quarry is (replace username with your IU Network ID username):


IU students, faculty, staff, and sponsored affiliated researchers can request accounts on Karst:

For information about your responsibilities as a computer user at IU, see:

The Indiana University cyberinfrastructure, managed by the Research Technologies division of UITS, is supported by funding from several grants, each of which requires you to acknowledge its support in all presentations and published works stemming from research it has helped to fund. Conscientious acknowledgment of support from past grants also enhances the chances of IU's research community securing funding from grants in the future. For the acknowledgment statement(s) required for scholarly printed works, web pages, talks, online publications, and other presentations that make use of this and/or other grant-funded systems at IU, see If I use IU's research cyberinfrastructure, what sources of funding do I need to acknowledge in my published work?

If you have questions or concerns about Quarry's retirement, or need help, contact the High Performance Systems group.