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Research File System

Click here for an important announcement regarding the retirement of RFS.

UITS created the data storage service, the Research File System, specifically to support the needs of Indiana University researchers. Requests from non-research users to make use of the service will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

RFS gives researchers access to their files from a broad range of locations and enable group collaboration through file sharing. The service is expected to be expanded in the future to support new functionality such as grid computing and inter-institutional file sharing. Individual users starts with a 10GB quota and collaborators can request additional quota for projects.

RFS is based on OpenAFS, which is an open-source version of the Andrew File System (AFS). With OpenAFS, UITS is able to build a scalable and robust storage system.

Researchers may connect to the RFS by mapping or mounting a workstation drive to their RFS account (see At IU, how do I map or mount my RFS account to my workstation?), through an OpenAFS client ( see  At IU, how do I install and configure OpenAFS on my workstation for use with the RFS?), with a web browser using RFSWeb (see At IU, what is RFSWeb and how do I use it?), or via SFTP (see At IU, can I use FTP or SFTP to access my RFS space?).

In addition to the RFS, IU offers its researchers archival storage on the Scholarly Data Archive (SDA).

Please direct any questions to .

Download the slides from the May 2012 RFS training workshop (PPT).