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GIS Licenses

Many software vendors, including Leica Geosystems and ESRI, use Macrovision Corporation's FLEXlm to manage software licenses electronically to ensure that only licensed customers use their products and that users stay within the terms of their license agreement. Some GIS applications require that the FLEXlm license manager be installed either on the local machine or on a central server. Because of the overhead costs associated with installing, configuring, updating, and maintaining the license manager, it is more efficient to install FLEXlm on a centralized server, accessible to multiple clients via a network, than to install FLEXlm on each individual machine running GIS and Remote Sensing software.

To purchase a GIS License, please see Purchase License.

Central License Service
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Local License Manager
For information, configuration and troubleshooting with a Local License Manager

Concurrent and single-use licensing
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Sentinel Keys
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ESRI Licensing Concepts and Strategies
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