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Engagement: Education, Outreach, & Training

Working in collaboration with the Collaboration & Engagement Services group within Research Technologies, the IU Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL) offers a variety of community engagement activities. We regularly train and educate individuals or small groups on the use of the facilities and specialized software related to visualization, interaction, or advanced media projects. We occasionally offer larger group or classroom-size trainings for select topics. Outreach activities are varied. At our IU campus facilities, we host short tours as well as extended summer camps. If the guests cannot come to us, we look for ways to bring the experience to them. We have participated in countless fairs, exhibitions, and conferences across the country at venues ranging from schools to libraries to museums to large convention centers. We are selective when choosing our outreach activities and try to agree to events and locations with a broad impact for guests who would benefit from being exposed to visualization, interaction, or advanced media technology and content.

Below is a list of example activities which demonstrate the diversity and depth of the capabilities, interests, resources, and impact of the Lab.    

To reserve any of the AVL facilities, setup an initial project consultation, discuss a potential engagement activity, or schedule a tour, please contact us.

IQ-Table featured at 2014 African studies conference

IQ-Table featured at 2014 African studies conference

The IQ-Table was featured at the 2014 African Studies Association Annual Meeting in Indianapolis. UITS staff worked with staff from the Mathers Museum of World Culture to prepare a new digital collection of existing African clothing for display on the interactive Table.

Virtual Reality STEM Education Workshop

Virtual Reality STEM Education Workshop

La Plaza (Indianapolis Latino Community Building Non-Profit) brought 20 young boys to participate in a two-hour workshop hosted by staff from the Advanced Visualization Laboratory. The boys were introduced to basic 3D graphics and virtual reality. They designed and built their own virtual racecourse, then experienced their simulations using state-of-the-art virtual reality hardware and software.

The UITS Advanced Visualization Lab at IU co-hosted the Large Scale Visualization Pillar at MST's technology conference in Rolla MO

The UITS Advanced Visualization Lab at IU co-hosted the Large Scale Visualization Pillar at MST's technology conference in Rolla MO

The event featured AVL staff providing technical workshops and presentations as well as live demonstrations using data from Indiana and Missouri. It offered the local Missouri community and visitors from the region a chance to talk with visualization experts and test and discuss the some of the latest visual technologies.

AVL Staff Participate in DOE Computer Graphics Forum

AVL Staff Participate in DOE Computer Graphics Forum

Bill Sherman participated in the panel presentation “The Trials and Tribulations of a Visualization Laboratory” at the Department of Energy Computer Graphics Forum. Bill presented along with Laura Monroe from Los Alamos National Lab, Ken Moreland from Sandia National Lab, and Sean Ahern from the University of Tennessee.

Visualization After Dark: Snow, Ice, & Olympic Gold

Visualization After Dark: Snow, Ice, & Olympic Gold

At Visualization After Dark on February 20, visitors experienced the 2014 Winter Olympics held in Sochi, Russia, as a series of interpreted and visualized datasets on the Science on a Sphere technology. 

Visualization Bootcamp

Immersive Visualization Bootcamp

A series of training camps on the use of immersive visualization software for virtual reality displays, including CAVE-style systems as well as single-screen tracked displays. Hosted in cooperation with the Center for Advanced Energy Studies at the Idaho National Laboratory, the University of Wyoming, and Kitware Inc.

Virtual Reality Experience

Indiana Academy Virtual Reality Engagement Experience

Each Spring, the AVL partners with the Indiana Academy to facilitate a hands-on virtual reality course. The students work in small groups, in collaboration with an AVL technologist, to realize an original virtual environment or experience and then present their project to an audience of friends, family, and interested IUPUI students and professionals.

STEMP Experiences

IU Summer Science Camp

The AVL is proud to partner with the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs on this two-week, residental camp for students entering 6th, 7th, or 8th grades. This camps provide activities and field experiences that promote STEM education and supports historically underserved and underrepresented students. 

Folklife Festival

Smithsonian Institute Folklife Festival

IU developed a presentation of folk arts using modern information technology to showcase artists and traditions within Indiana. The Festival was held in Washington DC in the summer of 2012.


STEAM Innovation Week at Conner Prairie

STEAM, held at Conner Prairie in Indianapolis in late Sept 2012, was a festival focused on innovation in science and technology. The Pervasive Technology Institute had a large tent where we enaged visitors with programmable robots, fiber optic demonstrations, password crackers, and stereoscopic videos.

Visualization Workshops

Scientific Visualization Workshops

AVL staff hosted a two-part workshop on using ParaView. Participants installed the software on their laptop computers and followed along over the course of the presentations. Topics ranged from the basics of installing the software to how to run a ParaView server on the Quarry supercomputer.