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The Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL) relies on a wide vareity of software packages and tools. While the needs of each project ultimately drive the choice in software, AVL staff try to leverage existing tools for which we have institutional expertise. Open-source or freely available software is preferred, but commercial or other licensed tools are utilized when necessary or beneficial. Below is a list of some of the software packages and tools that we have used recently. Please note: we do not include productivity, web browsers, image or video editors or players, or other standard or common software that is not specific or relevent to some aspect of advanced visualization.

To reserve any of the AVL facilities, setup an initial project consultation, discuss a potential engagement activity, or schedule a tour, please contact us.

Scientific Analysis/Visualization

  • 3DMD Patrient Software
  • 3D Slicer
  • LidarViewer
  • MatLab
  • ParaView
  • Toirt Samhlaigh
  • Visit
  • VMD
  • Vrui
  • VTK

Information Analysis/Visualization

  • AVL Screensaver
  • D3
  • Processing
  • Tableau

Virtual Reality, 3D Graphics/Simulation

  • InstantReality
  • Middle VR
  • Unity
  • VRML
  • X3D

Touch-Enabled Software

  • AVL Collection Viewer
  • Open Exhibits
  • TUIO

Development, Libraries, Languages

  • ActionScript
  • OpenGL

Video Processing/Playback

  • EasyDCP Creator+
  • EasyDCP Player+
  • Stereoscopic Player

Advanced Image Processing/Playback

  • Gigapan Stitch
  • hugin
  • KrPano
  • Stereo Photo Maker

Audio Processing/Playback

  • MaxMSP