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The IQ-Tilt is part of a distributed visualization initiative here at the Indiana University Advanced Visualization Lab. The goal of this initiative is to use commercial-off-the-shelf hardware and open-source software to provide low-cost, advanced visualization resources for the University community and beyond. The IQ name stems from the four qualities: Inexpensive, Interactive, Immersive, and Interface (I-quaded or IQ). Another key quality of any IQ system is its ability to be relatively easily built, installed, and configured in a variety of spaces.


The IQ-Tilt features 4 monitors tiled together in a 2x2 configuration. This nearly 100" display is treated as one Windows desktop driven by a single computer, and multi-touch enabled. Its name comes from the fact that this display pivots on an axis and can be reconfigured in less than ten minutes into either horizontal table or a vertical wall positions.

The IQ-Tilt was inspired by the TACC Vislab's touch screen tiled wall.

Current deployments

  • The Advanced Visualization Lab at IUPUI.
  • The lobby of the Jordan Hall atrium at IUB.

Suggested user communities and use cases

Digital media collection showcases. The large surface of the IQ-Tilt allows multiple users to comfortably and simultaneously explore collections of images and video using only their fingertips.

Digital Media Collection

Human-computer interaction experimentation. Students have been using the Tilt to explore new interface metaphors involving multi-touch and Kinect-based physical gestures.

HCI Experimentation

High resolution infographics and data visualizations. Using the nearly 4K canvas, detailed visualizations are beautifully presented using the IQ-Tilt in either the wall mode or table mode depending on the siutation.

Group collaborations

Scientific visualization and small group collaborations. The IQ-Tilt has a comfortable size and offers height adjustments in its vertical configuration which nicely accommodate research collaboration sessions.

Collaboration Sessions

Geospatial visualization. Whether you prefer horizontal or vertical orientation, the IQ-Tilt is exceptional at geospatial visualization, including Google Earth.

Geospatial Visualization

Google Earth


As of early 2013, the total cost for an IQ-Tilt, including the computer is less than $25,000.

Building an IQ-Tilt

The IQ-Tilt is an open design. While we will gladly support building, installation, and/or configuration requests for future IQ-Tilt deployments within Indiana University, we do not plan to manufacture or install these for groups outside of IU. We would, however, very much like to see additional systems built and a wide network of visualization experts, users, and developers connected and working together to share improvements. We will do our best to answer questions or offer limited consulting for anyone interested in building a Tilt.

If you are interested in building your own, please feel free to download the current version of the parts list for your reference. Please note that prices and specifications may differ from ours to yours. The parts list we provide resembles the most sophisticated and recent IQ-Tilt built at Indiana University and is meant to get you started toward building your own. 

You may contact us if you have questions, need help solving unanticipated problems, or to simply let us know you are building your own.

IQ-Tilt parts list (xlsx)


If you choose to use any of this information and build your own, please acknowledge and reference the help of the Indiana University Advanced Visualization Lab. The Advanced Visualization Lab is a unit of the Research Technologies division of University Information Technologies Service and is affiliated with the Pervasive Technology Institute at Indiana University.