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Apache Airavata is a software framework which is dominantly used to build Web-based science gateways and assist to compose, manage, execute and monitor large scale applications and workflows on distributed computing resources such as local clusters, supercomputers, national grids, academic and commercial clouds. Airavata mainly supports long running applications and workflows on distributed computational resources.

Airavata components

Why Airavata?

We are not just providing another software for you to get adjusted and work with. Instead we are giving you exactly what you need.We recognize your work and provide solutions to match your exact need. You don’t need to change the way you work to use Airavata.

You would feel like Airavata is just tailor-made just for YOU! 

Features of Airavata

  • Desktop tools and browser based web interface components to manage applications, workflows and generated data. The interface also provides monitoring and organizing research executions.
  • Sophisticated server side tools for registering and managing scientific applications on computational resources.
  • Graphical user interfaces to construct, execute, control, manage and reuse scientific workflows.
  • Manages credential of the science gateways which are required to authenticate in to computational resources.
  • Intelligence to orchestrate research execution flow and sequence.
  • Interfacing and interoperability with various external (third party) data, workflow and provenance management tools.

For more on Apache Airavata, visit Airavata site


SciGaP is a hosted service with a public API that science gateways can use to manage applications and workflows running on remote supercomputers, as well as other services. Gateway developers can thus concentrate their efforts on building their scientific communities and not worry about operations.  

Science Gateway Platform as a Service (SciGaP) provides application programmer interfaces (APIs) to hosted generic infrastructure services that can be used by domain science communities to create Science Gateways.

SciGap Logo

Why SciGaP?

Sustainability of science gateways shakes for number of reasons such as increasing number of users, shifting of key developers, growing requirements, etc…

All the trouble and apprehension of science communities go through due to above can be minimized or eliminated with the arrival of SciGaP. Here at SGG we are not providing software from the other side of the fence but we are very much part of the community who understands.

SciGAP will provide the expert middleware services that gateways need but often can't provide on their own.

Features of SciGaP

  • Single platform for all the science community gateways.
  • SciGaP consist of reliable, fault tolerant and scalable Airavata instance.
  • A hosted middleware service.
  • Well defined gateway user management and file management system.

For more on SciGaP, visit SciGaP site