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Cyberinfrastructure enabling research and creative activities

Visualization and Analytics

The mission of the Visualization and Analytics directorate is to enable researchers, scholars, and students to readily harness the power of cyberinfrastructure to extract knowledge from data through a variety of visualization techniques, quantitative analysis methods, and community-oriented grid workflows. The team also enables artists, educators, and students to express their creative visions through advanced media and interactive visualization technologies.

Visualization and Analytics includes the following management groups:
  • Advanced Visualization Lab. The mission of the Advanced Visualization Lab is to promote the innovative application of visual technologies to advance Indiana University’s missions in research, education, creative activity, and community outreach.
  • Digital Humanities for Cyberinfrastructure. The mission of the CyberDH team is to support scholarship, education, and innovation for the digital humanities across the IU system.
  • Research Analytics. The mission of the Research Analytics Group (formerly the Stat/Math Center) is to promote the innovative, scalable, and sustainable use of analytics tools and methods to advance the research, education, and external engagement missions of Indiana University. 
  • Science Gateways Group. The mission of the Science Gateways Group is to support the advancement of Web-based scientific research on distributed cyberinfrastructure resources by developing open source, open community software and by providing support for the integration of that software into operational science gateways.